Why did I start travelling after quitting my job?

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I am an architect by profession and I have been working in some private firm for 14 months. Staying in a place and following the same life (getting up around 8 am, do some exercise, cook food for myself and rush for office, stay in office till 7 or 7:30 PM, reach home around 8 again cook food). Even if I was enjoying my work I used to feel like a fish living in stagnant water and I can’t stay there for long.

we travel for romance, we travel for architecture, and we travel to be lost. - Ray Bradbury

A break from daily ritual

As I am just 24, and I can’t be comfortable doing the same thing daily, listening to the same old jokes and thoughts while following the same path daily. So it was a vacation to come out of the easiness of my life.

When anything is easy, it becomes very monotonous for me. But, if I can find something that is really going to take all of my body and all of my mind to really even come close to pulling off, that sounds like fun- Dane DeHaan

Life Stories

Listening to stories over a cup of coffee,or while walking for miles may add new character to the stories. And listening to hundred stories and telling your stories in hundred way , add new experience to you.

“There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place.” - J.K. rowling

I meet many people from different part of India and other countries. Some were cycling all the way from France and crossing India, some had planned to walk with his girlfriend for months across Nepal, some came here for getting peace and doing meditation for a month in the monasteries and some were just roaming around for another experience. But everyone trying to live today in a better way.

To breathe

Living in cities offer you better connectivity and easy access to the people but it also create chaos and pollution. Space left between the houses is not enough to let breathe the migrators.

Photo by Lyrical_shades @ Instagram

My travel destination was close to nature there I found small bedrooms but a large living space. I can walk to the street with the two-three vehicle, some people. I can sit at the river edge and can have a glimpse of people doing their rituals, sun setting down or some birds around.

To explore the local culture

Walking to a new city, the first thing I grasp is how people live in the city, their daily rituals, their culture and the way they celebrate their emotion. North-east India is blessed with kind and loving people like the environment they live in.

Photo by Lyrical_shades @ Instagram

In the village, every verandah have looms, pottery wheels, a pond, some pets and some are allotted as a garden. They work, eat and live there, doing things with the pace of time. They won’t allow you at first but have patience they will serve you with warm hospitality. Every state has its own stories and to tell you everything I have to write another post.

Scratching medium

Working for a year and going through the same rituals daily, sometimes pissed me off and I start feeling bored as at the end of each day I don’t had any time left for myself. So for my own personal growth, I had to analyse my journey and for that, I need this journey.

A ship is always safe at the shore but that is not what it built for.-Albert Einstein

Travelling always shortened my mind and helped me with my decision and also created some long lasting moments.

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Thoughts on architecture,art,living and travelling.

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