Do small products has the potential to change our productive life?

I think yes, little things matters and most people forget to care about it.

2021 is almost here! How are you feeling about 2020? Did you achieve the things that you wanted to? Maybe you’re in ‘hustle-mode’ trying to wrap up your work and get things done before the clock strikes midnight on December 31st. Congrats on getting through a tough year!

2020 hasn’t been easy, but…… 2021 can be better.

But how?

Being productive every day is tough, it gets harder when you don't have anything inspiring.

Don't worry, I got a solution for you-

  • Would you like to be inspired by exceptional thought leaders every single…

In 2018 Naval Ravikant expressed his ideas on the topic as a twitter thread. I went through that and summarised and composed mine comprehension in wallpaper. You can get it on Gumroad .

Being rich is everyone’s desire and but most people approaching it wrong. This thread is principles to follow while making wealth. Here are my understandings in point.

Seek wealth not money or status

  1. Choose a long term game.
  2. Learn to build and learn to sell.


  1. Understand ethical wealth creation.
  2. Ignore people playing the status game
  3. You won't get rich with a job, own a piece of business.
  4. Provide value to Society.
  5. Play…

Can we change our habit while travelling, being at an anonymous place, having no place for constant stay and constant faces around?

For sure I never dreamed my life to be this and I never lived like this yet.

Being an architect, I started my journey with the purpose to explore the local architecture of North-East India but being human being we observe people and try to mimic them in our life. I stayed at five states of India-Manipur, Nagaland, Assam, Meghalaya and Sikkim and started slowly I washed away all my resistance. ‘You will never change your life until…

“I confess I do not believe in time
I like to fold my magic carpet,after use,
in such a way as to superimpose
one part of the pattern upon another.
Let visitor trip.And the highest enjoyment
of the timelessness-in a landscape
selected at random-is when I stand
among rare butterflies and their ecstasy
is something else,which is hard to explain.
It is like a momentary vacuum into
which rushes all that I love.A sense of
oneness with sun and stone.”

Phrasing the line of Vladimir Nabokov from ‘ Speak,Memory ’ Mary Landing illuminate about Peter Zumthor envisions and his process…

I like the silent church before the service begins, better than any preaching.- Ralph Waldo Emerson

To reach our destination we come across many processes sometimes we love the upshots and sometimes fall for a moment before that. We unconsciously adopt things as a habit for momentary pleasure and that molds our persona. So its a story of my habits which I adapted to survive at that moment but became an ingredient of my persona.

It was 2006 and I was 11 years old and waiting for dusk and down had become my daily ritual. The front of my house…

I am an architect by profession and I have been working in some private firm for 14 months. Staying in a place and following the same life (getting up around 8 am, do some exercise, cook food for myself and rush for office, stay in office till 7 or 7:30 PM, reach home around 8 again cook food). Even if I was enjoying my work I used to feel like a fish living in stagnant water and I can’t stay there for long.

we travel for romance, we travel for architecture, and we travel to be lost. - Ray Bradbury

I saw you there,
And imprisoned you in my home,
But still wondering why?
Did it was just an intimacy,
Or a floating ballad in the air,
Rays of setting sun dazzling,
And spreading it’s warmth around,
Water cascading down of your surface,
Splashing and shimmering with a glow,
Little dulse grew around,
and moulding your surface more glassy,
You were like an epitome,
Beholding my all senses.

Another day!

Juggling for the words
to find a rhythm,
And heading to your shades,

Peeps floating around,
Holding lenses in their hand,
Shooting fabrics and elements,
Clique buzzing around and
portraying some moments together,

Pardon me!
If i was like a whisper in that loud day.
Finding fragrance and gesture,
Holding my lenses like others
And roaming here and there.

Phenomenology is a short brief of our conscious experience. It’s an experience of the built environment, how space is transformed by a different element like people, shops, cafe. When a person asks you to describe India, then u have an image of holy cities, crowded places, hawkers on both sides of roads, narrow streets and its multi-dimensional culture.

By Atmospheres- Peter Zumthor, put some light on the exchange, a give and take, between a building and its environment. Zumthor emphasis the sensory aspect of architecture. This book is an insight into architectural quality.

What I am learning from my first project as an architect!

Airport will be my first built project.For fresher working on airport is a big shot,and a big opportunity to learn about services,materials, and coordination with other consultants.

Most special thing about this Airport is its period of completion, we have been awarded just one year from resolving design to completion of project on site. And its already been 8 month, so there is a lot pressure on us,we have already done our 70% job, but still a lot to do.

When we start working with constraints our path become more simpler but this time this was not working for us…


Thoughts on architecture,art,living and travelling.

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